What is it ?

Metamarketing Calendar allows you to manage your marketing calendar online. Say good bye to those spreadsheets and start managing all your campaigns online !

Calendar Devices

Who is it for ?

Marketing People

Marketing Managers, CMOs and anyone else who works in marketing and finds it difficult to manage those campaigns in excel sheets.

What are the benefits ?

Save Time

Save time and money by using this easy to use application. Its take seconds to get started as it does not require any installation or configuration.

Quickly create using drag and drop

Create campaigns by simply dragging and dropping on the calendar. You can manage more than one calendars

Color code your campaign types

Organize your campaigns by creating your own campaign types like "Social Media", "Email", "Offline" etc. You can also give them a color of your choice.

24x7 access from safe cloud storage

All your campaigns and other data will be saved on our secure servers and noone other than you can access them unless you choose to share them.

24x7 access from safe cloud storage

You can access your calendar and campaigns anytime from office, home or while on the move.

24x7 access from safe cloud storage

You can set a yearly budget and keep an eye on how much money is actually spent per campaign, or per campaign type and how much is available at any given time.

24x7 access from safe cloud storage

You can share your calendar with other people with the click of a button.

Want to know more ?

If you have any questions or if you think you need a more customised solution write to us at hello@metamarketing.com

Getting started takes less than a minute !

Want a more comprehensive campaign management application ?

Campaign manager centralises all the information and numbers that are critical to you.

Manage your marketing calendar, materials, to-do list, marketing spend, key performance indicators, workflows and much more.

Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager

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